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Intro to Intro to

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Click on “book pages”.  This is an exact copy of your book.  Click around to a couple of different pages so you are sure you know how it works.

Click on “self test”.  Click on “chapter 1”. Click on “chapter self test”.  You will want to do this activity before we have any major tests.  You can also use these to review specific vocabulary and grammar.

Click on “video”.  These are the videos that we will watch in class.  Notice that you can also click on “transcripts” to see the written script of what they are saying.

Click on “Vocabulario y Gramática”.  Click on “chapter 1”.  This is your workbook online.

Click on “Cuaderno de Actividades”.  Click on “chapter 1”.  This is another workbook for extra practice.

Click on “differentiated practice”.  Click on “chapter 1”.  Click on “adapted”.  If you are having trouble with something, this will help.  Click on “accelerated”.  These are extra activities to help you learn even more.

Click on “resources” to see what else is available online.


When you have finished exploring the online textbook, go back to my webpage.

Click on “Spanish 3”.  Click on “Chapter 1”.  Click on “Vocabulary”. 

Play the games for vocabulary 1-1.

Have fun!

Las Clases de la Señorita Mensinger